The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide by: Sam Kohl
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The following book "My Dog Grooming Guide" is the latest release from Wag-On Publishing House, with over 160 breeds with a step by step instructions. All pictures are of real dogs and are not illustrated. You also receive four DVDs for FREE! How to Groom a Yorkie, How to Deshed Your Dog, Pet Hygiene 1 & 2 that teaches you tools of the trade, sani trim, bathing the dog, flea dips, tick removal, and much more. More than we can say here!

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my pet grooming guide

Yvonne Tannous is the founder of Wag My Tail Pet Grooming Salon & School, which is widely viewed as one of Los Angelesí premiere pet grooming businesses due to its highly-successful business model. Wag My Tail opened its doors in August 2004 as a full - service pet salon providing head-to-toe spot treatments, pet hygiene and styling.

In October 2005, Wag My Tail became a Registered Pet Grooming School ( and in January 2010, it became the first federally-approved training facility under the Obama Administration to provide those who are out of work with a brand new career., Wag My Tailís virtual curriculum for training and certifying pet groomers, provides an in-depth instructional program to students, aged 18 or older, using an online curriculum, instructional videos and DVDs. Students complete the interactive program by submitting documentation of completed grooming exercises and by passing each of the tests within the required testing scores. Once a student successfully completes the course, they receive certification as a Pet Hygienist & a Certified Pet Groomer. - To assist graduates in starting their new career, Tannous invites graduates to call her if they have any questions. Her willingness to help others succeed in this highly-competitive industry is one of the qualities that have made her business a leader in the pet grooming trade. By teaching her students to treat animals with the same love, respect and compassion as people, she is making great strides in helping to elevate the quality of care for pets and pet owners worldwide through this new generation of pet grooming professionals. .

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the all breed dog grooming guide by sam kohl

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Fully illustrated instructions accompany easy to follow numbered steps for the complete grooming of the 161 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. With 416 pages, 320 illustrations and 41 photos, this book is an absolute essential for anyone with an interest in dogs and making them look their best.

Sam Kohl, the former owner (1965-2000) of the New York School of Dog Grooming, has been active in all phases of the pet industry since 1949. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of the Pet Industry, the American Dog Groomers Guild, Ltd., and the International Dog Education Association in Japan.

Mr. Kohl judged the very first national dog grooming contest in the United States. He represented the grooming industry on the New York City Board of Education Animal Advisory Commission.

He established the AARONCO Pet Products Company in 1987, publishing books on dog and cat grooming, boarding kennel management, as well as designing and marketing innovative tools to improve the life of the groomer/stylist.


The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide by: Sam Kohl